Description Dissolved Oxygen benchtop meter with extra large LCD display for ease of use. The meter uses polarographic type sensor with replaceable membranes and programmable pressure compensation, 600 to 1000 mBar and salinity compensation, 0 to 40.0 ppt. Communications is via. Features dual LCD displays for D.O. and temperature. ATC...


Description Jenco 6175 benchtop pH meter is the successor of the popular 6173 benchtop pH meter. While the large LCD display and easy of use remains firmly in place, model 6175 now offers 0.1 mV resolution for ISE applications and a streamlined look.This pH benchtop is RoHS compliant. Large LCD...

Jenco 3177

Description The Basis Series conductivity/TDS benchtop pH meter is the latest entry-level meter from a line that is renowned for its reading quality, now with a refined user experience and improved usability. Renowned accuracy and repeatability Upgraded user experience and usability Low cost of ownership The Basis Series conductivity/TDS meter, along...

Jenco 6177

Description The Basis Series pH meter forms the foundation of Jenco’s benchtop meter offerings and comes from a long line of distinguished benchtop meters, where low cost of ownership, reading quality and build quality take precedent. The reason Jenco is consistently contracted to build products for well-respected brands and the...

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Jenco 3177