Description Like the pH/ORP meter of the same series, this popular conductivity / salinity / TDS portable meters for large,international OEMs. In addition to offering accurate readings for when you’re out in the field, this meter is also RoHS compliant, meaning it doesn’t include hazardous materials such as lead, mercury,...


Description Jenco VisionPlus pH6810 is an easy to use, IP67 rated pH meter with mV and temperature readout. Key features include an IP67 rated body, 2 or 3 point calibration, electrode efficiency and manual/automatic temperature compensation. VisionPlus pH6810 is RoHS compliant. Large LCD with dual display of pH and temperature...


Description Models 9010M and 9020M are dissolved oxygen meters for taking reliable DO readings out in the field. Like the other meters in this popular series, this meter is RoHS compliant and can store up to 50 sets of readings. Model 9010M takes DO readings via a polarographic probe while...


Description The Jenco 6360 is a high performance pH/Conductivity/Salinity/mV/Temp. handheld meter in a splash proof case with an RS-232C interface that allows it to communicate with any IBM compatible PC. This meter is CE approved and features 0.01 pH Resolution and a mV range of ± Salinity is in the...

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